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[The ABCs of ESG] ① Curious About Samsung’s ESG? Jenni Chun, Sustainability Expert, Answers Your Most-asked Questions
ESG — or environmental, social and corporate governance — is much more than a buzzword at Samsung Electronics, and we believe that having a positive impact on the planet starts with our employees. That’s why we’re highlighting Samsung workers around the world who are leading the way in cultivating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. […]
Black people over 65 far more likely to die from pollution-related disease than white seniors
A new report shows Black Americans ages 65 and older are three times more likely to die from diseases related to pollution exposure than white Americans of the same age.  The analysis, released earlier this month by the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), suggests that current air pollution levels result in “significant premature mortality and […]
Can polar bears survive climate change? A discovery sheds new light on a warmer world
Polar bears rely on sea ice to survive. That’s one reason images portraying a helpless polar bear standing on a small iceberg have become a potent symbol for the global environmental movement to combat the cause and effects of global climate change. In a surprising study , researchers announced the discovery of a population of […]
How Sustainability Fits Into The Future Of Singapore Airport
During the recent two-day Changi Aviation Summit, Singapore’s Transport Minister S. Iswaran emphasized the importance of future sustainability within Changi International Airport. Putting it simply, Changi Airport needs to focus on its competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability to solidify its value for the future. Before the pandemic, the global aviation industry contributed about 2% of global […]
Cocktail of chemical pollutants linked to falling sperm quality in research | Pollution | The Guardian
A cocktail of chemical pollutants measured in people’s bodies has been linked to falling semen quality by new research. Chemicals such as bisphenols and dioxins are thought to interfere with hormones and damage sperm quality, and the study found combinations of these compounds are present at “astonishing” levels, up to 100 times those considered safe. […]
California, New Zealand announce climate change partnership - ABC News
SAN FRANCISCO — Top officials from California and New Zealand signed a pledge Friday agreeing to help fight climate change by sharing ideas and best practices, including how to put millions more electric vehicles on the road. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke about the agreement at San […]
Climate change: 'Global veganisation is now a survival imperative' - IPCC expert reviewer | RNZ News
Governments are being warned that a mass move to a vegan diet – without meat or animal products – is imperative for the survival of humanity. Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller A group comprising Nobel laureates, 14 cities, and 40,000 individuals, are urging countries to transition to plant-based food at an international climate summit in […]
Opinion | Don’t Let Climate Change Stop You From Having Kids - The New York Times
Climate change is and will be an engine of global inequality. Richer people and countries will buy their way out of the worst consequences, often using wealth accumulated by burning fossil fuels. The fear about the future our children will face, when voiced by well-off residents of wealthy countries, sometimes strikes me as a transference […]
New Zealand Proposes Flatulence Tax To Fight Climate Change
New Zealand has revealed plans to tax burps and farts from livestock in an attempt to reduce its emissions of methane gas. Roughly half of New Zealand’s carbon emissions come from its agricultural sector, a major pillar of its economy. The nation is a major exporter of and products: roughly 5 million people live in […]
Climate change is forcing schools to close early for ‘heat days’ - The Washington Post
No more. Urban areas, in particular, tend to have a dangerous combination of older buildings, less money to upgrade them and concentrated heat. Designed to maximize space in crowded environments, urban schools often lack green space and shade. Asphalt often covers their playgrounds and other open spaces, radiating heat during the summer. The GAO pointed […]