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Climate change plan: High-emitting vehicles to be banned, electric vehicles encourages under $4.5 billion plan - NZ Herald
Over a third of cars on the road will be electric or hybrid – and high-emitting vehicles will be banned – under a significant plan unveiled by the Government. The $4.5 billion in funding announced today will help reduce global warming and avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change. It also includes half a billion […]
Conservation groups sue EPA over Florida manatee deaths caused by "preventable" pollution - CBS News
Three environmental conservation groups are filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which they claim has failed to adequately protect manatees in Florida from water pollution and starvation. The groups want the EPA to reassess water quality standards for Florida’s Indian River Lagoon, an “important” warm-water habitat for manatees.  “Manatees need clean water […]
Postcards from the frontlines of climate change - ABC News
Australia has some 16 Pacific Island neighbours — some with a landmass a millionth our size — who unanimously declare climate change the “single greatest threat” to the region. To quickly get a sense why: many of these nations are isolated and vulnerable, spread across hundreds of atolls, often less than a metre above sea level, and home to […]
Emperor penguin at serious risk of extinction due to climate change - ABC News
The emperor penguin is at severe risk of extinction in the next 30 to 40 years as a result of climate change, according to research by the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA). Key points: The emperor, the world’s largest penguin and one of only two penguin species endemic to Antarctica, gives birth during the Antarctic winter and requires […]
Climate change means 1 in 25 homes could become uninsurable by 2030, report warns - ABC News
About one in 25 Australian homes are at high risk of becoming effectively uninsurable by 2030, according to a new Climate Council report based on analysis by a climate risk assessment group. Key points: That number rises to more than one in 10 homes for some of the most affected regions, including parts of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, […]
"Eight years left to turn the ship": Scientists share how climate change could change daily life - CBS News
Earlier this month, more than 300 people in South Africa were killed as record rainfall washed away buildings and infrastructure in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. A day earlier, dozens were killed in the Philippines after tropical storm Megi spurred landslides and floods.  The world is rapidly shifting — and the impact of human-caused climate change […]
Raw sewage ‘pumped into English bathing waters 25,000 times in 2021’ | Pollution | The Guardian
Untreated sewage was discharged into England’s coastal bathing waters for more than 160,000 hours last year, according to figures collated by the Liberal Democrats to mark the start of the summer sea-swimming season. Data compiled by the party using Environment Agency figures on 2021 discharges shows that water companies released raw sewage 25,000 times into […]
How Did Climate Change Affect Ancient Humans? | Science|
 Smithsonian Magazine
Hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors had an intimate relationship with their environment, which helped shape where and how they lived. But when the climate changed— when the river ran dry or local grasslands and herds dwindled—how did ancient humans respond? Bones, stone tools and other artifacts can show us what hominins looked […]
Scott Morrison confronted with questions on climate change at church function | 7NEWS
A political activist tried to talk to Scott Morrison about climate change at a Good Friday service before the prime minister walked away. Video on social media platform TikTok shows Mr Morrison being approached by campaigner Desiree Cai. “Prime minister, I’m a young person, I’m worried about my future but every year the climate crisis […]
Gov. Polis’s work commute is killing the planet with climate change | Colorado Peak Politics
Someone in the Colorado media finally noticed that Jared Polis refused to move from his Boulder home into the governor’s mansion after the election and has commuted to Denver daily for three years in a gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban. That’s right, the planet is dying from climate change and Polis is partly to blame. Thank you […]