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California rules signal end of road for high-pollution trucks and gas-powered lawn mowers - CBS News
Forget speeding tickets: California truck drivers will soon have to watch out for pollution tickets. State regulators on Thursday voted to crack down on heavy duty trucks weighing more than 14,000 pounds — those big semi-trailers that make up just 3% of all vehicles in California but spend so much time on the road they […]
EPA plans to withdraw a Trump-era rule that gave the state of Oklahoma power over environmental issues on tribal lands
Native Americans demonstrate for Indigenous Rights at a rally at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013. Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press The EPA in 2020 granted Oklahoma authority to administer environmental programs on tribal lands. Oklahoma tribal nations criticized the EPA for not consulting with them on the decision. The EPA said Wednesday […]
Leonardo DiCaprio says his new movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial and climate change
Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio said that his latest movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial and climate change. DiCaprio made the comments while on a publicity tour for “Don’t Look Up,” which was released in theaters on Friday. He and Jennifer Lawrence portray astronomers who try to warn political leaders […]
“Don’t Look Up” Is as Funny and Terrifying About Global Warming as “Dr. Strangelove” Was About Nuclear War
If you’re wondering whether we’ll do anything about global warming before it destroys civilization, think about this ominous fact: It occupies barely any space in popular culture. This contrasts with the gusher of movies and books in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s about nuclear war. Anyone old will remember “The Day After,” “War Games,” “The […]
Fourth-generation dairy farmer warns economic woes, climate change regulations could end family farms | Fox News
CHAPEL HILL, Tenn. – A fourth-generation dairy farmer warned that climate change-related regulations and a slew of economic woes could signal the end for her family’s way of life after nearly a century. “We’ve been attacked in the dairy industry for a while now,” Stephanie Nash told Fox News. “Instead of educating people through the […]
TUCSON — Indigenous peoples have known for millennia to plant under the shade of the mesquite and paloverde trees that mark the Sonoran Desert here, shielding their crops from the intense sun and reducing the amount of water needed. The modern-day version of this can be seen in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, […]
Shortage of urea, used to make diesel anti-pollution additive AdBlue, threatens to grind Australia to a halt, transport industry warns - ABC News
Diesel trucks and the people who drive them are often described as the lifeblood of Australia — almost everything we buy in this country spends some time on the road. Key points: Now, the transport industry is warning of a potential crisis that could see the nation’s diesel trucks grind to a halt. There’s a looming […]
Joe Biden Laments Failure to Stop Global Warming After Deadly Tornados
President Joe Biden lamented the world’s failure to stop global warming on Saturday after addressing the deadly tornadoes that swept through several states. “We all know that everything is more intense when the climate is warming. Everything,” he said. “And obviously it has some impact here.” At least 30 tornadoes were reported across six different […]
Climate change
The Emissions Gap Report 2021 shows that new national climate pledges combined with other mitigation measures put the world on track for a global temperature rise of 2.7°C by the end of the century. That is well above the goals of the Paris climate agreement and would lead to catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate. […]
Even Film Critics Are Hating On Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Climate Change Movie: ‘Smug, Shrill, Obvious Satire’
Leonardo DiCaprio has been an outspoken climate change awareness advocate for years, and now he’s bringing that message to the big screen. The Academy Award-winning actor is playing the lead in Adam McKay’s latest film, “Don’t Look Up,” which seeks to mock everyone who isn’t terrified of climate change. Hollywood types mostly agree with the […]