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Make no mistake: these floods are climate change playing out in real time
Time to adapt: the flooding in Lismore this week. Credit:Elise Derwin Horrifically, as we are seeing in these unspeakable events, people die. People lose their loved ones. Others lose their homes or their pets. The environment gets slammed. All kinds of inequality magnify these effects, and these effects in turn magnify inequalities. This is why […]
2 New York Dems Stand With Banner Comparing ‘Climate Change’ To Plane Headed For Twin Towers
Two New York state senators posed with a large banner that compared climate change to the terrorist attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001.  Sens. Rachel May and Robert Jackson, both Democrats, posed with the banner, which shows a plane, labeled climate change, heading for the Twin Towers. Both […]
Army Has Plan to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change'
The United States Army published a report online earlier this week detailing how the military branch will deal with “global disruptions” from so-called climate change, which it claims “endangers national and economic security.” The report describes climate change as “variations in average weather conditions that persist over multiple decades or longer that encompass increases and […]
Environment Agency downgrading 93% of prosecutions for serious pollution | Environment Agency | The Guardian
England’s Environment Agency has downgraded 93% of prosecutions for serious pollution over four years, despite recommendations from frontline staff for the perpetrators to face the highest sanction, a leaked report seen by the Guardian reveals. Between April 2016 and December 2020, investigators within the agency gathered evidence and prepared case files on 495 serious incidents, […]
We need a better way to fight climate change
Energy costs are climbing out of control. A gallon of gas costs nearly $1 more than a year ago. Americans are experiencing sticker shock this winter on home-heating costs. Though part of this is due to the world restarting after the pandemic, climate policies are increasingly driving prices up. We need a change of direction. Fossil fuels still deliver […]
Wood burners emit more particle pollution than traffic, UK data shows | Air pollution | The Guardian
Wood burning in homes produces more small particle pollution than all road traffic in the UK, according to revised government data. The new data significantly cuts the estimated proportion of small particle pollution that comes from wood burners from 38% to 17%. But wood burning pollution remains a “major contributor” to particle pollution, another government […]
Were these floods caused by climate change?
A key question many have asked all week, as floods inundated southeast Queensland, then northeast NSW, then more parts of the NSW coast and nearby ranges, including the Sydney region, is this: Is climate change to blame? The last six days over eastern Australia. — Andrew Miskelly (@andrewmiskelly) In truth, a better question would […]
Legarda pushes for employment, livelihood, quality health care, and environmental protection in Batangas
Three-term Senator and now Senatorial candidate Loren Legardawas in Batangas yesterday to personally meet the Batangueños and share her platform and long-time advocacies on environmental protection and climate change adaptation; employment and livelihood creation; health; among others. Through the support and initiative of Legarda, several training programs and livelihood assistance of the government have resulted […]
Penn State's Center for Dirt and Gravel Studies combats pollution from unpaved roads
Some unpaved roads reveal nature’s simple engineering, like the path deer chose in a forest centuries ago. Native Americans used the deer paths to travel, and those trails widened over time for horses and buggies to become dirt roads. Pennsylvania is home to approximately 23,000 miles of unpaved public roads, and there are likely thousands […]
Why global warming is good for us
But are we not told to expect more volatile weather as a result of climate change? It is certainly assumed that we should. Yet there’s no evidence to suggest weather volatility is increasing and no good theory to suggest it will. The decreasing temperature differential between the tropics and the Arctic may actually diminish the […]