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Methane supercharges climate change. The U.S. has a new plan to slash it.
The Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant investment the U.S. government has made in fighting climate change, putting more than $369 billion toward projects that will reduce planet-warming emissions.  While much of the bill, signed into law by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, will pay for incentives like tax breaks for renewable energy construction […]
[The ABCs of ESG] ① Curious About Samsung’s ESG? Jenni Chun, Sustainability Expert, Answers Your Most-asked Questions
ESG — or environmental, social and corporate governance — is much more than a buzzword at Samsung Electronics, and we believe that having a positive impact on the planet starts with our employees. That’s why we’re highlighting Samsung workers around the world who are leading the way in cultivating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. […]