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Home wood burning pollution expected to rise due to UK cost of living crisis | Air pollution | The Guardian
This December will be the 70th anniversary of the 1952 London smog, when five days of choking smoke killed about 12,000 Londoners. It was partially caused by a fuel crisis, specifically a shortage of coal, requiring people to burn poor quality mining waste. Air pollution from home fires is expected to increase this winter as […]
John Kerry Worries Russian Invasion of Ukraine May Distract From Fighting Climate Change
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Chris McGrath/Getty Images STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images Drew Angerer/Getty Images Drew Angerer/Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Comedy Centra Commentary  By GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – NOVEMBER 10: US special climate envoy, John Kerry speaks during a joint China and US statement […]
Earth is getting a black box to record our climate change actions, and it's already started listening - ABC News
On a granite-strewn plain, surrounded by gnarled mountains, sits a giant steel box. Incongruous in the landscape, much like Kubrick’s black monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame, its alien presence suggests it was put there with intent. And if those that discover it can decipher the messages it contains, they could get a glimpse of what caused the fall […]
Smallholder Farming Can Alleviate Poverty, But Climate Change Brings Challenges - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
I have been involved with smallholder agriculture my entire life. Along with my 10 siblings, I grew up on a small farm in Zimbabwe, where from an early age we helped plant the crops and take care of the livestock. As a boy, I would spend long summers, from May to October, gathering crop debris […]
Pope Francis Compares Effects of Climate Change to World War II
ROME, Italy — Pope Francis sent a striking message to the U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow Tuesday, in which he compared the effects of climate change to those of World War II. “The wounds inflicted on our human family by the Covid-19 pandemic and the phenomenon of climate change are comparable to those resulting from […]
400 Private Jets Follow Bezos' $65 Million Plane to Summit to Lecture World on Climate Change
The elites live in a different world than the rest of us. Looking down, they cast moral aspersions on society, claiming that — to save the world — we all need to change our way of life. Meanwhile, those very same people refuse to follow their own rules. Advertisement – story continues below Nowhere is […]
Indigenous People’s Communities Gather at COP26 to Express their Concerns of Climate Change
Indigenous people’s communities around the world continue to fight to be heard. At COP26 in Glasgow Scotland, these communities have gathered to share why they should be around the negotiating table and why they are the most impacted from the effects of climate change. We rejoin Hipolito Novelo for this story. Hipolito Novelo, Love News:  […]
Trump’s ‘Hostility’ Stalled Climate Change Progress, Obama Says At COP26
Former President Barack Obama knocked his White House successor, former President Donald Trump, Monday for rolling back environmental protections during his speech at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, during a wide-ranging talk in which he also criticized China and Russia. Former U.S. President Barack Obama does not mince words in his speech at […]
Morrison's Glasgow trip raises troubling questions about climate change, national security and how the government should be judged - ABC News
Scott Morrison believes in miracles. This is perhaps why he expected us all to ignore what we had seen with our own eyes this week and instead believe him when he quivered with outrage that French President Emmanuel Macron had questioned “Australia’s integrity”. It was the Prime Minister, of course, who was in Macron’s sights […]
Cop26 summit 'is mismanaged': Sponsors of climate change conference condemn it as 'very last minute' | Daily Mail Online
Cop26 summit ‘is mismanaged’: Sponsors of climate change conference condemn it as ‘very last minute’… and blame ‘inexperienced’ civil servants for the issues Companies that have spent millions sponsoring the Cop26 climate summit have condemned the event as ‘mismanaged’ and ‘very last minute’. The backers, which include some of Britain’s biggest firms, have formally complained ahead […]