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Australian parliament passes first climate change legislation in a decade | Australian politics | The Guardian
Australia’s first climate change legislation in a decade has passed federal parliament with support from the Greens and key crossbench senators. Labor’s climate bill – which includes the national targets of cutting emissions by at least 43% by 2030 (compared with 2005) and reaching net zero by 2050 – cleared the Senate 37 votes to […]
Adam Bandt calls for both US and China to de-escalate tensions over Taiwan and raises concerns over future climate change cooperation | Sky News Australia
Greens leader Adam Bandt has warned Australia has a “lot to lose” if tensions between China and the United States fail to simmer down as he called on the Albanese Government to further push de-escalation. China has recently announced it would wind back live-fire military drills around Taiwan launched in response to US House Speaker […]
[The ABCs of ESG] ① Curious About Samsung’s ESG? Jenni Chun, Sustainability Expert, Answers Your Most-asked Questions
ESG — or environmental, social and corporate governance — is much more than a buzzword at Samsung Electronics, and we believe that having a positive impact on the planet starts with our employees. That’s why we’re highlighting Samsung workers around the world who are leading the way in cultivating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. […]
Postcards from the frontlines of climate change - ABC News
Australia has some 16 Pacific Island neighbours — some with a landmass a millionth our size — who unanimously declare climate change the “single greatest threat” to the region. To quickly get a sense why: many of these nations are isolated and vulnerable, spread across hundreds of atolls, often less than a metre above sea level, and home to […]