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If You Think “Don’t Look Up” Is Just an Allegory About Climate Change, You’re Missing Something
This story was originally published by Slate and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. It also contains spoilers for the film Don’t Look Up. Streaming just in time for Christmas, Adam McKay’s decidedly uncheery Netflix comedy, Don’t Look Up, finds Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio playing a pair of intrepid astronomers as they […]
Meteorologist responds with data after Joe Biden seemingly blames climate change for deadly tornados
Meteorologist Joe Bastardi fired back at President Joe Biden for seemingly blaming the devastating tornado outbreak that struck multiple states last week on climate change. What did Biden say? When a reporter asked Biden on Saturday whether climate change contributed to the deadly tornados, Biden pointed to climate change allegedly increasing the intensity of storms. […]
Joe Biden Laments Failure to Stop Global Warming After Deadly Tornados
President Joe Biden lamented the world’s failure to stop global warming on Saturday after addressing the deadly tornadoes that swept through several states. “We all know that everything is more intense when the climate is warming. Everything,” he said. “And obviously it has some impact here.” At least 30 tornadoes were reported across six different […]
In surprise move, U.S. and China vow to work together on climate change
The United States and China pledged Wednesday to work closely together on climate change this decade, in a rare and unexpected joint statement that brought fresh energy to the final days of the U.N. summit in Scotland. The world’s two biggest economies declared “their firm commitment to work together and with other Parties to strengthen […]
World Leaders Speak Climate Change at COP 26
At the top of the newscast, we heard from Prime Minister John Briceno about the demands Belize has made for climate justice. He also spoke on the country’s climate record, most recently efforts to reduce debt and preserve our natural resources at the same time. We’ve spent much of the day listening to some of […]
Trump’s ‘Hostility’ Stalled Climate Change Progress, Obama Says At COP26
Former President Barack Obama knocked his White House successor, former President Donald Trump, Monday for rolling back environmental protections during his speech at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, during a wide-ranging talk in which he also criticized China and Russia. Former U.S. President Barack Obama does not mince words in his speech at […]
Morrison's Glasgow trip raises troubling questions about climate change, national security and how the government should be judged - ABC News
Scott Morrison believes in miracles. This is perhaps why he expected us all to ignore what we had seen with our own eyes this week and instead believe him when he quivered with outrage that French President Emmanuel Macron had questioned “Australia’s integrity”. It was the Prime Minister, of course, who was in Macron’s sights […]
Despite Climate Change Fearmongering, Study Shows The Great Barrier Reef Is Growing Quickly
The Great Barrier Reef is experiencing incredible growth — and the media are silent. The Australian government’s most recent official on reef recovery indicates that coral cover at the Northern Great Barrier Reef “continued to increase to 27% from the most recent low point in 2017.” Meanwhile, the Central Great Barrier Reef saw a 26% […]
Biden is aligned with the pontiff on many central issues, including climate change and economic disparities. But the question of whether he should receive Communion — which is likely to come to a boil when bishops hold their annual meeting in November — has set off an awkward dynamic, not just between Biden and the […]