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Watch: Trump dodges on whether humans cause climate change: 'In my opinion, you have a thing called weather'
Former President Donald Trump at a rally in Florence, South Carolina on March 12, 2022. Sean Rayford/Getty Images Former President Trump was asked whether he believes human activity contributes to climate change. He dodged, pointing to other countries’ climate emissions while declaring that the US must remain “competitive.” Trump has long denied the science behind […]
EPA restores California's authority to set its own auto pollution rules
California is back in the driver’s seat as it steers the nation toward a future of cleaner cars and light trucks. The Biden administration on Wednesday reinstated the state’s authority to set motor vehicle pollution standards stricter than the federal government’s. That includes tighter restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. The decision, announced by the U.S. […]
Plastic pollution: Ambitious global treaty agreed in Nairobi | New Scientist
Plastic garbage collected on Eastern Island in Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge All Canada Photos / Alamy One hundred and seventy-five countries have agreed to a legally binding global treaty to end the plastic pollution crisis by tackling the material’s entire supply chain. Inger Anderson, executive director of the UN Environment Programme, says it is […]
Op-Ed: It's Not Celebrity Climate Change Activists That Bother Me, It's Their Hypocrisy
On Wednesday, actress and climate activist Jane Fonda launched the Jane Fonda Climate PAC, claiming the world is in danger due to “inaction” on climate change. In a video posted on Twitter, she said there would be grave consequences if we don’t cut fossil fuel emissions in the next eight years. “Scientists have been very […]
A growing battle over carbon capture and climate change riles Iowa
In September, Bonnie Ewoldt and her husband received certified letters from a company called Summit Carbon Solutions telling them that their 170-acre soybeans-and-corn farm in Crawford County, Iowa, was in the path of a pipeline that would carry carbon dioxide from ethanol plants across the Midwest to an underground storage site in North Dakota. They’d […]
Jerry Brown: Don't Expand Oil and Gas, Because Climate Change Like War
Former California Governor Jerry Brown urged the U.S. not to expand domestic oil and gas production to help in the crisis triggered by the ongoing Russian war because climate change is like a war that will kill people over a long period of time. Brown, who made climate change the focus of his last two […]
Biden Says Energy Plan Will Fight Climate Change, Inflation In State Of The Union Speech | HuffPost Latest News
President Joe Biden honed a pragmatic new message on climate change in his first State of the Union speech Tuesday evening, recasting his sweeping proposal to spend more than any country ever has on clean energy as a way to simultaneously combat the in U.S. planet-heating emissions and inflation. Biden promised that fighting climate change […]
U.N. adopts historic resolution aimed at ending plastic pollution - The Washington Post
“This is just an amazing show of what the world can do when we work together,” said U.S. delegate Monica Medina, the assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs. Choking back tears, she added, “It is the beginning of the end of the scourge of plastic on this planet. … […]
Army Has Plan to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change'
The United States Army published a report online earlier this week detailing how the military branch will deal with “global disruptions” from so-called climate change, which it claims “endangers national and economic security.” The report describes climate change as “variations in average weather conditions that persist over multiple decades or longer that encompass increases and […]
Sasse Blasts John Kerry for Prioritizing Climate Change Cooperation as Russia Invades Ukraine | National Review
Senator Ben Sasse (R., NE) on Thursday excoriated John Kerry, the Obama-era secretary of state turned Biden administration presidential envoy for climate, for his response to the then potential — and now ongoing — Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Who the hell does John Kerry think he is? And, more importantly, is he unaware that widespread […]