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Climate change has made old measures predicting weather events 'essentially worthless' - ABC News
When Jo Groves bought her property in Lismore, she worked hard to make it her own and thought she would grow old in it. Key points: Now, she’s unsure when she’ll be able to return and, even then, she’s apprehensive about it. “I have to come back in the short term,” she said. “But in […]
Global warming drives Wet Tropics possum species from their mountain homes - ABC News
In the dead of night on the dark and often misty mountain peaks of far-north Queensland, researchers and rangers search for possum species that are disappearing from their natural habitat. Key points: Climate change is driving them from parts of their mountain homes. Among them is one of Queensland’s most recognisable animals — the Herbert […]
Could collaborative living provide an answer to the housing crisis and climate change? Some people think so - ABC News
Donna Lavell is no stranger to sharing her home with people. In her 20s, she lived in share houses in Sydney’s inner suburbs; later, after buying a home in Newcastle, she offered up her spare rooms to friends in need, housemates and Airbnb guests. Now, at 61, she’s decided to build a home with three women […]
Meteorologist responds with data after Joe Biden seemingly blames climate change for deadly tornados
Meteorologist Joe Bastardi fired back at President Joe Biden for seemingly blaming the devastating tornado outbreak that struck multiple states last week on climate change. What did Biden say? When a reporter asked Biden on Saturday whether climate change contributed to the deadly tornados, Biden pointed to climate change allegedly increasing the intensity of storms. […]
TUCSON — Indigenous peoples have known for millennia to plant under the shade of the mesquite and paloverde trees that mark the Sonoran Desert here, shielding their crops from the intense sun and reducing the amount of water needed. The modern-day version of this can be seen in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, […]