Scientists Solve 2,000-Year-Old Mystery of Incredibly Strong Roman Concrete and It Could Help Battle Climate Change
Modern concrete, including its vital ingredient Portland cement, is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. But it could all change with a new discovery. Drilling for Roman concrete samples in Tuscany in 2003. Photo: J. P. Oleson Our obsession with concrete accounts for around 5 percent of human-induced emissions. A third of the damage […]
Pope Francis Compares Effects of Climate Change to World War II
ROME, Italy — Pope Francis sent a striking message to the U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow Tuesday, in which he compared the effects of climate change to those of World War II. “The wounds inflicted on our human family by the Covid-19 pandemic and the phenomenon of climate change are comparable to those resulting from […]
Harris To Paris: Veep Flying To Europe, Will Discuss COVID-19, Climate Change, Relations With Macron
Vice President Kamala Harris is headed to Paris, months after a notorious exchange with a journalist in which Harris said — in response to a question about why she hadn’t yet visited the U.S. Mexico border amidst the surge in migration — that she’d never been to Europe either. The vice president will visit France […]
Morrison's Glasgow trip raises troubling questions about climate change, national security and how the government should be judged - ABC News
Scott Morrison believes in miracles. This is perhaps why he expected us all to ignore what we had seen with our own eyes this week and instead believe him when he quivered with outrage that French President Emmanuel Macron had questioned “Australia’s integrity”. It was the Prime Minister, of course, who was in Macron’s sights […]