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How climate change could be exacerbating the spread of diseases like monkeypox and Japanese encephalitis - ABC News
In a world hyper-attuned to disease after more than two years of a global pandemic, every new outbreak attracts headlines. The globe is still grappling with COVID-19, but Australians have had to get their heads around the symptoms and risks associated with a number of other new diseases. Take Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), which was found […]
Map shows environmental impact of trucker protest | CTV News
A tech company has created an interactive map that shows the environmental impacts of the ongoing trucker convoy protest in Ottawa. “This project is really about giving the stakeholders and people on the ground in Ottawa the ability to visualize the impacts of the protest,” Spatial Media creative director Aaron Bernard told CTVNews.ca from Toronto. […]
Wood burners cause nearly half of urban air pollution cancer risk – study | Air pollution | The Guardian
Wood burning stoves in urban areas are responsible for almost half of people’s exposure to cancer-causing chemicals found in air pollution particles, new research has shown. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in tiny pollution particles are produced by burning fuels and have long been known to have carcinogenic effects. The new study examined the sources […]