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Fast & Futuristic: Mercedes-Benz EQC is Leading the Sustainability Race - The Hindu
The times are slowly changing. With growing consciousness around climate change, conventional cars are giving way to electric vehicles (EVs). Not only do these cars reduce greenhouse emissions, but they also prove to be more prudent in the long run. EVs are no passing trend, they are here to stay, ushering the most significant revolution […]
World Leaders Speak Climate Change at COP 26
At the top of the newscast, we heard from Prime Minister John Briceno about the demands Belize has made for climate justice. He also spoke on the country’s climate record, most recently efforts to reduce debt and preserve our natural resources at the same time. We’ve spent much of the day listening to some of […]
LANXESS Again With Leading Positions In Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
First rank in Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Europe; second rank in DJSI World Outstanding results in the areas of product stewardship, management of water-related risks and human rights Germany/India: LANXESS once again convinces in terms of sustainability: The specialty chemicals company placed first in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Europe in the “Chemicals” […]
400 Private Jets Follow Bezos' $65 Million Plane to Summit to Lecture World on Climate Change
The elites live in a different world than the rest of us. Looking down, they cast moral aspersions on society, claiming that — to save the world — we all need to change our way of life. Meanwhile, those very same people refuse to follow their own rules. Advertisement – story continues below Nowhere is […]
Child care, climate change and other provisions in Build Back Better bill passed by House | PBS NewsHour
Lisa Desjardins: Judy, this bill has climate change in almost every section. There are 55, at least, different programs dealing with climate in this. But I want to talk about sort of overall some of the biggest items. Overall, this bill spends over $500 billion, $550 billion, to be exact, on climate. There are tax […]
Indigenous People’s Communities Gather at COP26 to Express their Concerns of Climate Change
Indigenous people’s communities around the world continue to fight to be heard. At COP26 in Glasgow Scotland, these communities have gathered to share why they should be around the negotiating table and why they are the most impacted from the effects of climate change. We rejoin Hipolito Novelo for this story. Hipolito Novelo, Love News:  […]
GOB Prepares for the Climate Change Summit
As the Government prepares to head north for the Climate Change Summit in the UK, members of the delegation are preparing to enter into meetings with multiple organizations in an effort to attract investments in Belize as well as to capitalize on several sources of funding. One of those funds is the Green Climate Fund […]
Trump’s ‘Hostility’ Stalled Climate Change Progress, Obama Says At COP26
Former President Barack Obama knocked his White House successor, former President Donald Trump, Monday for rolling back environmental protections during his speech at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, during a wide-ranging talk in which he also criticized China and Russia. Former U.S. President Barack Obama does not mince words in his speech at […]
Harris To Paris: Veep Flying To Europe, Will Discuss COVID-19, Climate Change, Relations With Macron
Vice President Kamala Harris is headed to Paris, months after a notorious exchange with a journalist in which Harris said — in response to a question about why she hadn’t yet visited the U.S. Mexico border amidst the surge in migration — that she’d never been to Europe either. The vice president will visit France […]
Morrison's Glasgow trip raises troubling questions about climate change, national security and how the government should be judged - ABC News
Scott Morrison believes in miracles. This is perhaps why he expected us all to ignore what we had seen with our own eyes this week and instead believe him when he quivered with outrage that French President Emmanuel Macron had questioned “Australia’s integrity”. It was the Prime Minister, of course, who was in Macron’s sights […]