UK to loosen post-Brexit chemical regulations further | Pollution | The Guardian
The government is to loosen EU-derived laws on chemicals in a move experts say will increase the likelihood of toxic substances entering the environment. Under new plans the government will reduce the “hazard” information that chemical companies must provide to register substances in the UK. The safety information provided about chemicals will be reduced to […]
Climate change: Earth’s past 12 months were the hottest recorded, analysis finds - NZ Herald
The last 12 months were the hottest Earth has ever recorded, according to a new report by Climate Central, a nonprofit science research group. The peer-reviewed report says burning gasoline, coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels that release planet-warming gases like carbon dioxide, and other human activities, caused the unnatural warming from November 2022 […]
Ministers abandon plan to end pollution rules for England housebuilders | Housing | The Guardian
Plans to scrap pollution rules for housebuilders in England have been abandoned by the government, the Guardian understands. Politicians opposing the bill have suggested the double byelection loss, where the sewage scandal was said to have come up on the doorstep, may have caused prime minister Rishi Sunak to reconsider the controversial legislation. The levelling […]
Wood burners are a more expensive way to heat homes than gas boilers or heat pumps, research shows. A study found that as well as causing significant health and environmental dangers for the home’s occupants and their neighbours, it is up to 15% more costly to heat a home using a wood burner rather than […]
Anthony Albanese offers Tuvalu residents the right to resettle in Australia, as climate change 'threatens its existence' - ABC News
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a new pact with the low-lying island country of Tuvalu, allowing residents facing displacement from climate change the ability to resettle in Australia.   Key points: In a move which could transform Australia’s relationships with other small Pacific nations and the region as a whole, Mr Albanese announced the agreement at the […]
Climate change the cause of mass deaths of African elephants: study | CTV News
The cause of mysterious mass deaths of African elephants has finally been unravelled — and scientists who authored a new report say that the outbreaks could be more likely to occur amid conditions created by the ongoing climate crisis. Thirty-five African elephants in northwestern Zimbabwe dropped dead under baffling circumstances between late August and November […]
Noise pollution harms more than your hearing
From a blackbird’s song to the rumble of a passing train, sounds are produced by vibrations moving through the air, ground, or water in invisible waves. When those soundwaves enter your ear, they make tiny membranes, bones, and hair cells inside vibrate, which triggers electrical signals that your brain interprets as sound. But when that […]
How Climate Change Is Changing Therapy - The New York Times
Now lots of Bryant’s clients wanted to talk about climate change. They wanted to talk about how strange and disorienting and scary this new reality felt, about what the future might be like and how they might face it, about how to deal with all the strong feelings — helplessness, rage, depression, guilt — being […]
Offal is making a comeback among meat-eating Australians, due to its health benefits and sustainability - ABC News
Whether it’s tripe, liver, tongue or cheek, billions of people around the world regularly eat offal, the edible internal organs of an animal. It is widely consumed in many European and Asian countries. For example, restaurants in Indonesia often boast a plethora of offal-based dishes, like coconut milk offal soup, intestine curry or stir-fried tripe, while […]
NEW YORK (WABC) — The upcoming United States winter looks likely to be a bit low on snow and extreme cold outbreaks, with federal forecasters predicting the North to get warmer than normal and the South wetter and stormier. A strong El Nino heavily moderates and changes the storm tracks of what America is likely […]