Climate change has brought the 'tropical disease' leishmaniasis to U.S. : Goats and Soda : NPR
Sand flies carry the protozoan parasites that spread leishmaniasis. It was thought to be a disease of tropical climates, but leishmaniasis-causing parasites have now been found living and circulating in the United States. Science Photo Library hide caption Sand flies carry the protozoan parasites that spread leishmaniasis. It was thought to be a disease of […]
Tony Abbott disparages warnings of extreme global warming
HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Extreme global warming is “ahistorical and utterly implausible”, former prime minister Tony Abbott says, and spruiked by a “climate cult” that will “eventually be discredited”. He was speaking in London, Guardian Australia reports, mere months after July was declared the hottest month in 100,000 years, and days after scientists warned 20 […]
Marine mammals in U.S. waters are losing food and habitat to climate change, study finds | PBS NewsHour
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Whales, dolphins and seals living in U.S. waters face major threats from warming ocean temperatures, rising sea levels and decreasing sea ice volumes associated with climate change, according to a first-of-its-kind assessment. Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration examined more than 100 stocks of American marine mammal species and […]
Another weapon to fight climate change? Put carbon back where we found it
Over the past few centuries, we have dug, chopped, burned, drilled, pumped, stripped, forged, flared, lit, launched, driven, and flown our way to adding 2.4 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide to Earth’s atmosphere. That’s as much CO2 as would be emitted annually by 522 billion cars, or 65 cars per person living today. On […]
Companies face new rules over climate change : NPR
Farmer Rob Stone (R) and Gregory Gingera, a canola breeder at Corteva Agriscience, walk through Stone’s field in Davidson, Saskatchewan, Canada in May. Canadian farmers are looking for ways to deal with recurrent drought, including planting earlier and using seeds that are more resistant to heat. GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images hide caption Farmer Rob […]
“Scientists are more willing to speak out,” Ripple said. “As a group, we’ve been pretty hesitant, historically.” But, he added, “I feel like scientists have a moral obligation to warn humanity.” After a few years of record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events, Ripple’s experience is a sign of how climate scientists — who once refrained […]
Brisbane Airport begins $5 billion makeover to improve usability, sustainability, capacity ahead of Olympic Games - ABC News
Brisbane Airport is embarking on a $5 billion upgrade, with construction to start on the domestic terminal this week. Key points: It’s part of the airport’s Future BNE project, which includes more than 150 projects to transform the current facility ahead of the expected increase in travellers — set to climb by 10 million within the […]
The Latest On Global Warming Is … There Is No Global Warming – Issues & Insights
A new study out of Norway is exactly what was needed to shut down the climate alarmists. Its findings show that man has not set fire to his home planet. Right from the top, in the abstract not 10 lines into the study, the authors get to the point. “Using theoretical arguments and statistical tests […]
Another Nail In the Global Warming Coffin
Statistics Norway, the government agency that produces official statistics for that country, released a report last month titled “To what extent are temperature levels changing due to greenhouse gas emissions?” The report concludes: [T]he results imply that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be sufficiently strong to cause systematic changes in […]
UN warns humanity facing threats from space, climate change, but it's not too late to act - ABC News
Numerous global systems humans rely on for survival — including ecosystems, groundwater, insurance and the space industry — are on the precipice of catastrophic tipping points, according to a new report by the United Nations University.   The report says the world is “perilously close” to triggering these tipping points that could have “irreversible, catastrophic impacts for people and the […]