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Prince Harry says Covid and climate change have left him feeling 'battered and helpless' | Daily Mail Online
Prince Harry today described how Covid and climate change had left him feeling ‘battered and helpless’ after a ‘painful year in a painful decade’ – as he revealed how fatherhood had made campaigning more important to him. During a sombre speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Nelson Mandela Day, the Duke of Sussex said […]
London Heat Wave: Climate Change Is Here and Deadly - Rolling Stone
“It just hit 40 C at Heathrow,” Friederike Otto, a 39 year-old climate scientist at Imperial College London who studies extreme heat, emailed me from her home in the Southwark borough. 40 degrees Celsius is 104 degrees Fahrenheit — the hottest temperature ever measured in the U.K. All around London, railroad tracks were bending and […]
Hundreds of penguin deaths in New Zealand linked to climate change | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific
Walking the 3,000-kilometre Te Araroa trail should have been the adventure of a lifetime. However, hikers on the Ninety Mile Beach were dismayed to find more than 200 dead birds on the shore. The little blue penguin (Eudyptula minor), also known by the indigenous Maori people as a kororā, was among the greatest casualties.  The hikers’ experience was not an isolated one. […]
Manchin Does it Again, Tells Democrats He Will Not Support Their Climate Change Agenda Or Tax Increases [VIDEO]
On Thursday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) threw another monkey wrench in the crazies’ agenda by telling the Democratic leadership that he will only support their budget reconciliation package if they got rid of the climate change and raising taxes parts. Budget reconciliation packages do not have to go through a filibuster threat, which is one […]
Europe's heatwave leaves some Londoners wondering if climate change could make this ancient city unbearable in the future - ABC News
The UK has experienced scorching heat like it never has before, and it is causing all sorts of problems in a country built for cool, drizzly weather.  For the first time since records began, temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius in the country, peaking at 40.3C at Coningsby, a small village in England’s Midlands. It is […]
Conservationists and the Renewable Energy Industry Can and Must Work Together to Fight Climate Change
Addressing the effects of a rapidly changing climate is the challenge of our generation. Every day we see the impacts on people, places and wildlife. The stakes are especially dire for birds, with an Audubon study showing that two-thirds of North American bird species are vulnerable to extinction if global temperature rise is allowed to […]
How to be a climate change denier while sweating your bollocks off | The Daily Mash
ARE you a Tory party member who’s not keen on Rishi Sunak for a certain reason that’s unacceptable these days? Here’s why you’ll be voting for someone else. He’s too good-looking  As the newspapers never tire of telling us, Sunak is incredibly good-looking. However we need a PM who won’t distract his colleagues with his […]
Jail water firm bosses over ‘appalling’ pollution, says Environment Agency | Water | The Guardian
Water company bosses must be jailed for serious pollution, the Environment Agency (EA) has said, as it revealed English water firms have overseen shocking levels of pollution in the last year. The agency said water firms’ performance on pollution had declined to the worst seen in years. It is calling for chief executives and board […]
California cities ban new gas stations in battle to combat climate change
Without realizing they were starting a movement in green energy policy, leaders of a small Sonoma Valley city seem to have done just that when they questioned the approval process for a new gas station — eventually halting its development and others in the future. “We didn’t know what we were doing, actually,” said Petaluma […]
Our fight against climate change as Net Zero Week 2022 continues - Yorkshire Housing
Net Zero Week 2022 is officially in full swing! Businesses and consumers around the world are urged to take action in the fight against climate change. With Net Zero Week, from Sunday 2 July to Friday 8 July, serving as a push in this much needed momentum. This awareness week speaks directly to people across […]