Fast & Futuristic: Mercedes-Benz EQC is Leading the Sustainability Race – The Hindu

Fast & Futuristic: Mercedes-Benz EQC is Leading the Sustainability Race - The Hindu

The times are slowly changing. With growing consciousness around climate change, conventional cars are giving way to electric vehicles (EVs). Not only do these cars reduce greenhouse emissions, but they also prove to be more prudent in the long run. EVs are no passing trend, they are here to stay, ushering the most significant revolution in motoring in the 21st century.

Even India’s largest luxury carmaker agrees. It’s exactly why Mercedes-Benz is blending luxury with sustainability, making climate-neutral mobility aspirational. With the launch of EQC, India’s first luxury electric car, the leading automotive giant is racing toward a cleaner tomorrow.

Green with Pride

With the EQC, Mercedes-Benz is all set to redefine electric driving. The luxury EV is not only stunning to look at, but it also boasts a long range, and is a great joy to drive. It comes with the latest-generation intuitive technology, plus it has zero tailpipe emission.

The ECQ, however, doesn’t stop at that. It has undergone a 360° environmental check, which examines the impact of the car on our ecosystem through its lifecycle.

In a nutshell, Mercedes-Benz EQC combines design, functionality, technology, and luxury to cater to the tech-savvy and environment-conscious customers of today.

Fast, futuristic, and fabulous

The best part about the EQC is that while it promises to be sustainable it does not compromise on any other parameters. Like all Mercedes-Benz cars, it’s sleek and practical.

The EQC is all about amalgamating ease and modernity. The design is top-notch and comes with unique features like the Widescreen Cockpit, LED strip light front and rear, and the black panel radiator grill. It’s not just the exterior, but also the interiors that are uber-modern and grand. The upholstery is made using renewable materials and the air vents come with stunning rosé-gold finishing. The colours, which are exclusive to the EQC, make the inside of the vehicle stand out. Front seats with exquisite cushioning, sleek multifunctioning sports steering wheel, dashboards and beltlines that’ll make jaws drop, the EQC truly elevates the driving experience with its plush ambience. The MBUX intuitive system, revolutionary infotainment system with natural voice control, touch-sensitive surfaces, and seamless navigation promise a joyride like no other.

Technology at its best

The vehicle comes with a battery management system, using which customers can remotely check the EQC’s battery status, access the status of charging, available range, and indication upon charging completion. What’s more, users also get the freedom to define the maximum status of the charge and set it as per convenience.

In order to ensure that the technical operating range is a cut above the rest, Mercedes-Benz EQC charges its batteries when on the move through intelligent recuperation. This happens with the driver using so-called paddles behind the steering wheels — the one to the left increases the recuperation levels, while the one on the right reduces it.

The EQC then makes for the perfect first electric vehicle.

That’s not all. Mercedes-Benz EQC also has a pre-control climate control feature that ensures that the vehicle’s individual zone temperatures are set before the drive. It is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system, along with the Mercedes Me Connect technology, which sends out notifications on the app, in case there is any suspicious movement, or the car is being towed away.

While design and sustainability are prime, so is safety. The EQC features seven airbags, attention assist, PRE-SAFE system, ESP, and Active Brake assist.

Busting myths, one at a time

There are several myths surrounding EVs, but the EQC has made sure all the tracks are covered. For one, most people consider the range of an EV as a challenge, and hence suffer from range anxiety. The good news is an EQC customer can avail of Mercedes-Benz India’s strong network for any charging or service-related requirements. Mercedes-Benz has a charging facility at over 100+ locations spread across 48 cities across the country. Moreover, for convenient charging at home or office, a wall box is provided to customers.

There’s a misconception that electric cars are complicated. That’s far from the truth. With Mercedes-Benz’s well-established infrastructure, owning an EV is much simpler than you think. Plus, sustainable luxury is more like a badge of honour.

Future perfect

As eco-consciousness becomes a common goal, we need to redefine the way we live. This of course means paying more attention to the cars we drive. While there’s a lot of buzz around green automobiles, the percentage of EVs on Indian roads is negligible. With the EQC, Mercedes-Benz is all set to change that. It’s climate-friendly, it’s luxurious, it’s technologically advanced. Mercedes-Benz EQC is everything a car should be in 2021. You can now step on the accelerator and drive into the future, responsibly.