Gov. Polis’s work commute is killing the planet with climate change | Colorado Peak Politics

Someone in the Colorado media finally noticed that Jared Polis refused to move from his Boulder home into the governor’s mansion after the election and has commuted to Denver daily for three years in a gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban.

That’s right, the planet is dying from climate change and Polis is partly to blame.

Thank you to the for bringing to our attention that vehicles like the one used by Polis, driven 15,000 miles a year, emits 8.9 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Is he ashamed of his daily commute?

Of course not.

The only regret of the governor’s office is that taxpayers have yet to purchase Polis a Tesla. 

Environmentalists are complaining that Polis’s gas-guzzling sets a bad example. 

The more precise phrase here would be blatant hypocrite for Polis not practicing what he preaches.

Like when his own administration tried to force private businesses along the Front Range into regulating which of their employees were permitted to drive to work, and who had to commute by other means. 

The whole outing of Polis’s non Prius ways recks of environmentalists lobbying for taxpayers to buy everyone in government a brand new electric vehicle, which in addition to costing a fortune would put quite a burden on our electrical grid. 

The simpler solution would be for the governor to move into the governor’s mansion, which taxpayers already fund to keep operational in his absence. 

Polis actually has the means to relocate so close to his job he doesn’t have to commute, a luxury few Coloradans enjoy.

But the governor’s spokesflak, Conor Cahill, said saving the planet from climate change would be too disruptive on the family.

As a parent, Polis has also “chosen to not uproot his children and change their schools just because his job changed that required him to commute to Denver to the Capitol several days a week,” Cahill said.

Parents with children roughly the same age — about four and seven when Polis was elected — would totally agree they would rather commute three hours a day in a Chevy Suburban with their own personal driver than live in a mansion and spend that extra three hours with their kids, or something.

Honestly, the arrogance of this administration is just mind boggling.