Mark Levin RIPS Climate Change Fanatics, Dems for ‘Exploiting’ Natural Disasters

The far-left has weaponized natural disasters to advance their political agenda, and they won’t stop, prominent author Mark Levin warned on Thursday.

On the Thursday edition of The Mark Levin Show, nationally syndicated radio host Levin did not hold back scorching criticism of the Democratic Party and the way it uses climate change as a poor excuse to destroy the nation and censor speech. “The Democratic Party that is exploiting this to destroy the civil society,” Levin said referring to mounting evidence of the left politicizing natural disasters to advance their environmentalist agenda. He also slammed President Joe Biden’s assault against so-called climate “deniers.”

Biden held an impromptu press conference on Thursday at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters. He claimed, without evidence, that Hurricane Idalia is attributable to climate change. “There’s still some deniers out there in terms of whether or not climate change had anything to do with any of this, and we’re going to need a whole hell of a lot more money to deal with emergency appropriations,” Biden said. But Levin had none of it.

In response, Levin drew attention to this soon-to-be-released book, The Democrat Party Hates America, which delves into climate change alarmism and the weaponization of government powers. “Every weather event or natural disaster that causes discomfort, damage or death is attributed to climate change,” Levin said while citing his book, “which in turn is set to require major changes in the quality of life, the capital system, reduction in economic growth and prosperity, increase taxation and regulation, the surrender of national sovereignty to international governing organizations and/or the significant expanse of domestic governmental power.”

“Climate change is a politically and economically driven movement within the American Marxist framework that empowers the Democratic Party’s power to control the behavior of people,” the legal scholar added. Later in the podcast, Levin explained the tools used to control. He stated, “Language manipulation, scare tactics and censorship are used to control and shape public debate.”

Levin’s scorching criticism of the Biden administration comes less than two weeks after the popular cable news host hammered the federal government’s “sickening exploitation” of the Maui wildfires to advance their environmentalist agenda. “They say, ‘This is an example of climate change, we need to do more.’ No, it’s an example of an electrical wire, apparently busting from its moorings and setting on fire the area around it that was dry,” Levin said on the Aug. 21 edition of his podcast.

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