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Southern yellow-billed hornbill is being wiped out by climate change, study warns | Daily Mail Online
Southern yellow-billed hornbill is being wiped out by climate change, study warns With its long yellow and down-curved beak, the southern yellow-billed hornbill is one of the most majestic birds in the animal kingdom.  The species is a cousin of the red-billed hornbill, which shot to fame as Zazu from The Lion King. But the […]
Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists | Pollution | The Guardian
Chemical pollution in the environment is supersizing the global obesity epidemic, according to a major scientific review. The idea that the toxins called “obesogens” can affect how the body controls weight is not yet part of mainstream medicine. But the dozens of scientists behind the review argue that the evidence is now so strong that […]
Climate change is being buried this election. We asked scientists to rate the major parties' policies - ABC News
“Not serious and lacking detail even on their best projects being announced. Obviously, they are divided and unable to make a serious contribution.” Lesley Hughes — not an effective climate policy “The Morrison government’s climate policy can be summarised pretty quickly and simply really, in that the Morrison government has no effective federal climate policy. [They] […]
How companies blame you for climate change
Cooperative approaches like this, often led by lobbyists or interest groups, showed companies could be effective in limiting new regulations. Public opinion could be shaped by the language and images brands used, and some of the wind could be taken out of public campaigns. In 1992, the United Nations held the Conference on Environment and […]
Guardian columnist George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to stop climate change | Daily Mail Online
Environmental campaigner George Monbiot has claimed farming should be abolished because meat can be replaced with food made out of lab-grown bacteria. Writing in his latest book, the Guardian columnist said the world must do away with meat and dairy production because it is a ‘phenomenally profligate’ way to produce food. The writer, who describes farming […]
Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change
Shutterstock When you think of an electric vehicle, chances are you’ll picture a car. But there’s a quiet revolution going on in transport. It turns out electrification can work wonders for almost all of our transport options, from electric bikes to motorbikes to buses to freight trains and even to tractors and heavy trucks. There […]
On Earth Day, a 50-year-old environmentalist and photographer from Colorado named Wynn Alan Bruce lit himself on fire outside the US Supreme Court. Friends of Bruce, who subsequently died, said he was worried about climate change. “This guy was my friend,” said Kritee Kanko, a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund. “This was not […]
Brazilian President Smacks Hollywood Actors Who Tried to Give His People a Climate Change Lecture
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro clapped back at Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio after the left-wing actor lectured Brazilians about climate change on social media. Bolsonaro — a conservative who has been dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics” because of his similarities to former President Donald Trump — responded to a tweet from DiCaprio on Twitter last […]
Singing "We will, we will stop you," climate change activists disrupt Shell shareholders meeting; some glued themselves to seats - CBS News
London — Oil giant Shell was forced to temporarily suspend its annual general meeting (AGM)Tuesday when it was disrupted by climate change activists. Proceedings at the venue in central London were halted about half an hour after they started. “Stop kidding yourself that you are doing no harm,” protesters shouted at stockholders, according to a live […]
New school: Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
Stanford’s first new school in 70 years will launch this fall as the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, recognizing a $1.1 billion gift from John and Ann Doerr, the largest in the university’s history. The commitment, together with gifts from other generous donors, will extend the university’s scholarship and dramatically amplify its impact in tackling […]