Scott Morrison confronted with questions on climate change at church function | 7NEWS

A political activist tried to talk to Scott Morrison about climate change at a Good Friday service before the prime minister walked away.

Video on social media platform TikTok shows Mr Morrison being approached by campaigner Desiree Cai.

“Prime minister, I’m a young person, I’m worried about my future but every year the climate crisis gets worse,” the former National Union of Students president says.

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Mr Morrison then looks at the person filming and asks if they’re taking a photo of him, Ms Cai and Liberal MP for Chisholm Gladys Liu, who is also listening.

“I’m happy to take a photo,” Mr Morrison says.

Watch the moment in the video below

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The prime minister then walks away while being followed by Ms Cai who says young people are facing insecure work and a climate crisis, and that she’d prefer not to be there on Good Friday, before the video ends.

Journalists weren’t allowed inside the Melbourne church where Mr Morrison was attending a Baptist service.

Ms Cai is involved with a group called the Tomorrow Movement which is linked to youth organisation YOUNG Campaigns.

The subject of climate change has largely been untouched by the two major parties so far this federal election campaign, with Labor leader Anthony Albanese mentioning it at his press conference on Saturday.

Labor is pledging a 43 per cent cut in emissions by 2030 as it aims for net-zero by 2050, with the coalition hoping for but not committing to a 30 per cent cut in emissions by 2030 based on no change in policy. The government has also made a net-zero 2050 pledge.

It’s a hot button issue for the government as a swathe of independents run in blue-ribbon seats campaigning on more action on climate.

Scientists have warned neither party’s 2030 targets go far enough and a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warning desperately calling for nations to do more to prevent warning below 2C.

Australia has been dubbed a “holdout” by UN secretary general Antonio Guterres for its failure to take stronger action.