Effective And Immediate

In light of the unpredictable macroeconomic environment, for the past few years companies had increasingly pursuing cost reduction wherever they could.

Cost Reduction Can Be Sustainable When Do It Right

The key competitive differentiator among companies aiming to resume growth will be the extent to which their recent cost reduction measures are sustainable. For several reasons, many companies face the prospect of reversing most or all of their recession-driven cost reduction actions as business growth.

Old Approach No Longer Effective

Most companies’ cost reduction approach centered around across-the-board staff reductions and discretionary spending freezes. These types of cost reduction might be sustained for a short while into recovery, but eventually market pressures will dictate expansions of staff, increases in compensation and restoration of marketing and related budgets.

Scalable Measures

Many companies employ non-standardized internal processes that don’t scale well and that are difficult to outsource cost-efficiently. Often non-standardized processes require process-specific knowledge and skills, so business expansion requires increase in staffing and costs.

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