Style Meets Sustainability - Here's A Quiz To Find Out How Eco-Friendly Your Wardrobe Is!

New Year, New Habits.

As style enthusiasts, the first thing we wish to mend is our “fashion hygiene”. While most of us are chasing fashion trends and overcrowding our shopping carts with clothes we’ll wear “god-knows-when”, it’s time to halt and introspect before we fall prey to fast fashion.

Fast fashion has a long list of perils – habitat destruction, animal suffering, climate change and even depletion of resources. It’s got “dangerous” written all over it. Luckily, making sustainable fashion choices  is the answer to all these concerns.

Before we share our best-kept secrets to a sustainable fashion wardrobe, let’s find out how eco-friendly your closet is currently.

Wondering how? The fashion ingredient brand LIVA has conceptualised a quiz to find out your “green score” – to take the quiz!

If you scored highly on this quiz, we’re proud of you. If not, here are 4 simple suggestions to embark you onto the sustainability bandwagon –

1) The 30 Wears Challenge – Before buying anything, ask yourself, “Will I wear this at least 30 times?” If the answer is ‘no’, let that garment go! 

2) Donate The Clothes You Don’t Want Anymore – Instead of throwing unwanted clothes away and making them a dispensable entity, try to recycle them, give them to someone who needs them. It’s not just a good deed for the person, but the planet too! 

3) Maintenance Is Key – Adopt the art of maintaining the clothes you own and keeping them in mint condition. You’ll do the environment a favour by prolonging the wearability of your clothes and not fueling fast fashion. When you mix and match the existing clothes to give them a fresh spin, you’ll realise your need to shop has reduced drastically.

4) Shop Trans-Seasonal Clothes – Try to buy clothes that you’re likely to wear all through the year. Be it t-shirts, timeless coats, classic pants or versatile shoes – think long term when you shop next.

to explore the wide range of outfits made using LIVA’s nature-based fabrics on Myntra.

It’s heartening to see fashion brands spearhead the sustainability movement by responsibly sourced and manufactured products. 

LIVA is all about ‘conscious fashion’ –  it is nature-based and eco-friendly. The fabrics are made from viscose-cellulosic fibres that are sustainably sourced from natural renewable resources. The fibres are biodegradable and have a lesser environmental impact than most other natural or synthetic fibres.

How cool is that!

But here’s our favourite part – it’s a very progressive brand. It inspires people to make eco-friendly fashion choices, stay comfortably stylish and wear confidence with every outfit. If you are on board with the brand ideals and have chosen #thoughtfullyfashionable lifestyle, to take the pledge with LIVA! 

In fact, numerous Instagram influencers too are making way for sustainable fashion and celebrating brands like LIVA through their craft. Take a look –

“From repeating and rediscovering clothes to choosing fabrics wisely, my understanding of fashion has definitely widened over the past few months,” says Roshni Bhatia.

Inspired to make more mindful choices? Now is a good time to start. In addition to following our 4 steps to an eco-friendly wardrobe, we’d 10/10 recommend you to go through. Their fashionable fabrics, eco-friendly production and easy-breezy fits make a solid case for “style meets sustainability”