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Sustainability: A Top Priority at Acumatica Summit 2023 - Acumatica Cloud ERP
At Acumatica, sustainability is a passion. We strive to protect the natural environment and make the world a better, more inclusive place. And we are committed to taking meaningful sustainability strides while creating value for our global and local communities. The annual Acumatica Summit is among our biggest value creation efforts each year. Acumatica Summit […]
Heat waves, wildfires and floods: How climate change effects mental health : Shots - Health News : NPR
A heat wave is smothering much of the Western region including Los Angeles. Worrisome weather trends like this can contribute to climate stress. Eric Thayer/Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption A heat wave is smothering much of the Western region including Los Angeles. Worrisome weather trends like this can contribute to climate stress. Climate change […]
Remembering James Lovelock, Whose ‘Gaia Theory’ Shaped Our Understanding of Global Warming | Smart News|
 Smithsonian Magazine
Our knowledge of toxic pollutants, the ozone layer’s depletion and man-made climate change can all be traced to the same person: British scientist James Lovelock. Through his research and inventions, he helped develop numerous insights on how humans impact the environment. Lovelock died earlier this summer on July 26, his 103rd birthday. In a statement […]
Michael Ignatieff scolds radicals at ‘Freedoms vs. Climate Change’ conference
Former Liberal Party of Canada leader and history professor Michael Ignatieff told a radical climate change conference on Tuesday that Greta Thunberg was a moral bully and that Canadian oil and gas is the key to balancing democracy with environmental concerns. Ignatieff took the positions during his keynote presentation at a University of British Columbia […]
Op-Ed: It's Not Celebrity Climate Change Activists That Bother Me, It's Their Hypocrisy
On Wednesday, actress and climate activist Jane Fonda launched the Jane Fonda Climate PAC, claiming the world is in danger due to “inaction” on climate change. In a video posted on Twitter, she said there would be grave consequences if we don’t cut fossil fuel emissions in the next eight years. “Scientists have been very […]
Jerry Brown: Don't Expand Oil and Gas, Because Climate Change Like War
Former California Governor Jerry Brown urged the U.S. not to expand domestic oil and gas production to help in the crisis triggered by the ongoing Russian war because climate change is like a war that will kill people over a long period of time. Brown, who made climate change the focus of his last two […]
Not A Joke: John Kerry Is Worried War In Ukraine Will Distract World Leaders From Climate Change
In less than a minute, John Kerry — President Joe Biden’s climate czar — recently illuminated his relative lack of knowledge of both geopolitical events and international threats this past Monday in an interview that is being widely mocked on the internet. First, he admitted he thought countries like Russia weren’t willing start a war […]
Facebook, other tech giants censor facts about climate change
The online world has become a free-speech battleground. Tech platforms have sided with illiberal regimes to censor posts while flagging “misinformation” in free countries. We all share a legitimate interest in avoiding outright falsehoods, but much censorship today — whether at dictators’ behest or in the name of eradicating “misinformation” — ultimately is about restricting discourse to […]
A recent study published in American Political Science Review, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published by Cambridge University, begins with a teasing question: “Is authoritarian power ever legitimate?” For many, the answer is clearly no, concedes the study’s author—Ross Mittiga, an assistant professor of political theory at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. But Mittiga, […]
Why we still don’t fully understand the tornado-climate change relationship
The tornadoes that recently struck the U.S. are some of the most destructive and deadly in history. The death toll in Kentucky, the hardest hit state, reached 80 on Monday, with dozens still unaccounted for. The scale of destruction and timing of the tornadoes so late in the year—most tornadoes occur in the spring and […]