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Actor Mark Ruffalo Says Ukraine War Is A ‘Gift’ For Biden’s Climate Change Initiatives
Actor Mark Ruffalo is outspoken on political issues, especially climate change. Now he’s saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be a good catalyst for advancing President Biden’s climate-focused initiatives, Fox News . He even called the war a “gift” for the movement. The “13 Going On 30” star made the remarks during an episode of […]
Brazil’s Bolsonaro Wrecks DiCaprio After Global Warming Tweet Lecture
Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio, known for flying on private jets while hectoring ordinary folks about climate change, earned a snarky rebuke from Brazilian President Jairo Bolsonaro after urging young voters to register for the country’s upcoming election. The tweet from DiCaprio was nothing new, as the actor has long been known for environmental activism. But […]
It's Now or Never for The Planet! ABC & NBC Panic Over Climate Change
On Monday night, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News did all they could to carry water for the radical environmentalists on the far-left by hyping a United Nations (UN) report stating the world has eight years to cut emissions in half to “avoid catastrophic climate change” even suggesting to their viewers that they […]
EPA restores California's authority to set its own auto pollution rules
California is back in the driver’s seat as it steers the nation toward a future of cleaner cars and light trucks. The Biden administration on Wednesday reinstated the state’s authority to set motor vehicle pollution standards stricter than the federal government’s. That includes tighter restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. The decision, announced by the U.S. […]
The worst Russia-Ukraine media takes make war about race, climate change, Trump, and more | Fox News
Liberal pundits have tied the plight of Ukrainians to U.S. voting rights, blamed former President Trump for the escalating conflict, and more. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The war in Ukraine since Russia President Vladimir Putin’s invasion has sparked some controversial analysis in the liberal media. Ukrainians have taken up arms to […]
Army Has Plan to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change'
The United States Army published a report online earlier this week detailing how the military branch will deal with “global disruptions” from so-called climate change, which it claims “endangers national and economic security.” The report describes climate change as “variations in average weather conditions that persist over multiple decades or longer that encompass increases and […]
Sasse Blasts John Kerry for Prioritizing Climate Change Cooperation as Russia Invades Ukraine | National Review
Senator Ben Sasse (R., NE) on Thursday excoriated John Kerry, the Obama-era secretary of state turned Biden administration presidential envoy for climate, for his response to the then potential — and now ongoing — Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Who the hell does John Kerry think he is? And, more importantly, is he unaware that widespread […]
Federal judge puts brakes on Biden's climate-change order - Washington Times
A federal judge last week blocked the Biden administration’s effort to adopt a social cost on carbon and other greenhouse gases, handing a win to 10 Republican attorneys general who accused the president of overstepping his authority. U.S. District Court Judge James D. Cain Jr. granted a preliminary injunction Friday shutting down the implementation of […]
No one would have believed this possible only a few years ago, but nuclear energy has been creeping up in public estimation, despite its long record of unfulfilled promise and cataclysmic missteps. The impetus has come from government and big business, among other sources. Billions of dollars in incentives to keep existing nuclear plants operating […]
DiCaprio on climate change: 'Vote for people that are sane'
Leonardo DiCaprio says if the world has any chance at combating climate change, voters need to pick “people that are sane.” “The main thing that it boils down to is, if you’re an individual, you, A, have to get involved,” the “Don’t Look Up” star and environmental activist said in an interview with Deadline published […]