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Opinion | Climate Change Has Made Deadly Heat Waves Normal - The New York Times
A U.N. report published in April suggested that by just 2030 the world would be experiencing more than 500 major disasters each year. And the quickening frequency of what were once called “generational disasters” or “500-year storms” or even “acts of God” disorients us, too, so that it becomes hard to distinguish once-a-decade events from […]
How companies blame you for climate change
Cooperative approaches like this, often led by lobbyists or interest groups, showed companies could be effective in limiting new regulations. Public opinion could be shaped by the language and images brands used, and some of the wind could be taken out of public campaigns. In 1992, the United Nations held the Conference on Environment and […]
1.3 million farm animals dead due to climate change: What can B.C. do to stop the next catastrophe?  | Globalnews.ca
Monitoring and compliance Officials from Environment and Climate Change Canada say an early warning system for the kind of “atmospheric rivers” that hit B.C. over the past three weeks could be years away. Meanwhile, farmers and animal welfare advocates still need to prepare for the next disaster, which could strike at any moment. Labchuk, the […]