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Climate change will fuel humanitarian crises in 2023 -study | Reuters
MEXICO CITY, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Climate change will accelerate humanitarian crises around the world in 2023, adding to the issues created by armed conflict and economic downturns, according to a study by the NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC). The agency, based in New York and led by former UK politician David Miliband, flagged that […]
Climate change helped Ian gain strength : NPR
Hurricane Ian left debris in Punta Gorda, Fla. after it made landfall. Storms like Ian are more likely because of climate change. RICARDO ARDUENGO/AFP via Getty Images hide caption Hurricane Ian left debris in Punta Gorda, Fla. after it made landfall. Storms like Ian are more likely because of climate change. Hurricane Ian was just […]
A volcano is erupting again in Iceland. Is climate change causing more eruptions? - ABC News
The Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland began erupting again on Wednesday after eight months of slumber — so far without any adverse impacts on people or air traffic. The eruption was expected. It’s in a seismically active (uninhabited) area, and came after several days of earthquake activity close to Earth’s surface. It’s hard to say how long it […]
Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass - CBS News
In Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s come to this: climate change has helped make water ever more scarce, so under a new Nevada law, the grass has got to go. “When we look at outdoor water use in Southern Nevada, landscaping far and away is the largest water user, and of that, it’s grass,” said Bronson […]
Climate change could cause a mass marine extinction event, study says - The Washington Post
The findings, published in the journal Science, reveal a potential mass extinction looming beneath the waves. The oceans have absorbed a third of the carbon and 90 percent of the excess heat created by humans, but their vast expanse and forbidding depths mean scientists are just beginning to understand what creatures face there. Yet the […]
World Leaders Speak Climate Change at COP 26
At the top of the newscast, we heard from Prime Minister John Briceno about the demands Belize has made for climate justice. He also spoke on the country’s climate record, most recently efforts to reduce debt and preserve our natural resources at the same time. We’ve spent much of the day listening to some of […]
GOB Prepares for the Climate Change Summit
As the Government prepares to head north for the Climate Change Summit in the UK, members of the delegation are preparing to enter into meetings with multiple organizations in an effort to attract investments in Belize as well as to capitalize on several sources of funding. One of those funds is the Green Climate Fund […]