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Actor Mark Ruffalo Says Ukraine War Is A ‘Gift’ For Biden’s Climate Change Initiatives
Actor Mark Ruffalo is outspoken on political issues, especially climate change. Now he’s saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be a good catalyst for advancing President Biden’s climate-focused initiatives, Fox News . He even called the war a “gift” for the movement. The “13 Going On 30” star made the remarks during an episode of […]
Brazil’s Bolsonaro Wrecks DiCaprio After Global Warming Tweet Lecture
Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio, known for flying on private jets while hectoring ordinary folks about climate change, earned a snarky rebuke from Brazilian President Jairo Bolsonaro after urging young voters to register for the country’s upcoming election. The tweet from DiCaprio was nothing new, as the actor has long been known for environmental activism. But […]
2 New York Dems Stand With Banner Comparing ‘Climate Change’ To Plane Headed For Twin Towers
Two New York state senators posed with a large banner that compared climate change to the terrorist attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001.  Sens. Rachel May and Robert Jackson, both Democrats, posed with the banner, which shows a plane, labeled climate change, heading for the Twin Towers. Both […]
DC Made Superman Gay, Climate Change Activist. Readers Aren’t Buying It.
Last fall, DC Comics, apparently convinced they should make the iconic superhero Superman go woke, replaced Clark Kent with his son Jonathan Kent, then had Jonathan Kent fall in love with a man. DC gushed, “Just like his father before him, Jon Kent has fallen for a reporter. After initially striking up a friendship with […]
Even Film Critics Are Hating On Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Climate Change Movie: ‘Smug, Shrill, Obvious Satire’
Leonardo DiCaprio has been an outspoken climate change awareness advocate for years, and now he’s bringing that message to the big screen. The Academy Award-winning actor is playing the lead in Adam McKay’s latest film, “Don’t Look Up,” which seeks to mock everyone who isn’t terrified of climate change. Hollywood types mostly agree with the […]