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London Heat Wave: Climate Change Is Here and Deadly - Rolling Stone
“It just hit 40 C at Heathrow,” Friederike Otto, a 39 year-old climate scientist at Imperial College London who studies extreme heat, emailed me from her home in the Southwark borough. 40 degrees Celsius is 104 degrees Fahrenheit — the hottest temperature ever measured in the U.K. All around London, railroad tracks were bending and […]
Cocktail of chemical pollutants linked to falling sperm quality in research | Pollution | The Guardian
A cocktail of chemical pollutants measured in people’s bodies has been linked to falling semen quality by new research. Chemicals such as bisphenols and dioxins are thought to interfere with hormones and damage sperm quality, and the study found combinations of these compounds are present at “astonishing” levels, up to 100 times those considered safe. […]
Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists | Pollution | The Guardian
Chemical pollution in the environment is supersizing the global obesity epidemic, according to a major scientific review. The idea that the toxins called “obesogens” can affect how the body controls weight is not yet part of mainstream medicine. But the dozens of scientists behind the review argue that the evidence is now so strong that […]
It's Now or Never for The Planet! ABC & NBC Panic Over Climate Change
On Monday night, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News did all they could to carry water for the radical environmentalists on the far-left by hyping a United Nations (UN) report stating the world has eight years to cut emissions in half to “avoid catastrophic climate change” even suggesting to their viewers that they […]
EPA restores California's authority to set its own auto pollution rules
California is back in the driver’s seat as it steers the nation toward a future of cleaner cars and light trucks. The Biden administration on Wednesday reinstated the state’s authority to set motor vehicle pollution standards stricter than the federal government’s. That includes tighter restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. The decision, announced by the U.S. […]
Jerry Brown: Don't Expand Oil and Gas, Because Climate Change Like War
Former California Governor Jerry Brown urged the U.S. not to expand domestic oil and gas production to help in the crisis triggered by the ongoing Russian war because climate change is like a war that will kill people over a long period of time. Brown, who made climate change the focus of his last two […]
VinePair Podcast: Alentejo Is Leading the Way on Sustainability
In this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” host Zach Geballe speaks with Master Sommelier and president of Full-Circle Wine Solutions Evan Goldstein. The last time Goldstein appeared on the podcast, he talked about the many wines coming out of Alentejo. Now, he’s back to teach listeners about the many sustainable practices taking place in the […]
The Man Who Predicted Climate Change | The New Yorker
Late in 1966, in the sprawling computer lab of the Washington, D.C., office building that housed the United States Weather Bureau, Syukuro Manabe was waiting for a print job to finish. At stake was the fate of the planet. Manabe, who was thirty-five, had come to the U.S. from Japan almost a decade earlier. He […]
Fast & Futuristic: Mercedes-Benz EQC is Leading the Sustainability Race - The Hindu
The times are slowly changing. With growing consciousness around climate change, conventional cars are giving way to electric vehicles (EVs). Not only do these cars reduce greenhouse emissions, but they also prove to be more prudent in the long run. EVs are no passing trend, they are here to stay, ushering the most significant revolution […]