U.S. Air Force releases climate change plan
U.S. Air Force and Space Force officials released a climate action plan Wednesday that includes a goal of operating bases at net-zero emissions by 2046, an ambitious effort to rein in the sizable carbon footprint of the U.S. military’s air wing. The plan, the first from the branches, also takes into account how the Air Force […]
Capitol Police Arrest House Staffers For Protesting Climate Change In Schumer’s Office
The United States Capitol Police arrested six House staffers on Monday who were protesting in Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office. Law enforcement responded to the protest that took place in room 322 in the Hart Senate Office Building around 11:15 am, the Capitol Police told The Daily Wire. “Six demonstrators were arrested for DC Code […]
Manchin Does it Again, Tells Democrats He Will Not Support Their Climate Change Agenda Or Tax Increases [VIDEO]
On Thursday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) threw another monkey wrench in the crazies’ agenda by telling the Democratic leadership that he will only support their budget reconciliation package if they got rid of the climate change and raising taxes parts. Budget reconciliation packages do not have to go through a filibuster threat, which is one […]
It's Now or Never for The Planet! ABC & NBC Panic Over Climate Change
On Monday night, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News did all they could to carry water for the radical environmentalists on the far-left by hyping a United Nations (UN) report stating the world has eight years to cut emissions in half to “avoid catastrophic climate change” even suggesting to their viewers that they […]
In surprise move, U.S. and China vow to work together on climate change
The United States and China pledged Wednesday to work closely together on climate change this decade, in a rare and unexpected joint statement that brought fresh energy to the final days of the U.N. summit in Scotland. The world’s two biggest economies declared “their firm commitment to work together and with other Parties to strengthen […]
Biden Widely Mocked After Appearing To Struggle To Stay Awake During Climate Change Conference
President Joe Biden faced backlash on Monday after cameras appeared to catch him struggling to stay awake at times during the opening speeches at 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26. Zach Purser Brown, a reporter at The Washington Post, posted video footage of the incident, writing: “Biden appears to fall asleep […]