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Prince Harry says Covid and climate change have left him feeling 'battered and helpless' | Daily Mail Online
Prince Harry today described how Covid and climate change had left him feeling ‘battered and helpless’ after a ‘painful year in a painful decade’ – as he revealed how fatherhood had made campaigning more important to him. During a sombre speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Nelson Mandela Day, the Duke of Sussex said […]
Billionaire Jeff Bezos discussed climate change with Prince Charles on the eve of Cop26 | Daily Mail Online
Blue Origin is partnering with several aerospace firms to build a private space station, the Jeff Bezos-founded company announced on Monday. Orbital Reef, described in a release as a ‘mixed use business park’ in space,’ is expected to ready to be released into low Earth orbit by 2030, right about when NASA is slated to mothball […]
Daniela Elser: Prince Charles ignores Harry's climate change work, heaps praise on William in latest social media post - NZ Herald
Prince Charles is known for many things – his plant whispering, his Duchy of Cornwall biscuit empire, his trenchant antipathy towards modern architecture – but parenting? Not so much. (It’s a Monday so let’s politely ignore the tampon-fancying and that extended bout of infidelity.) For years, nay decades, the Prince of Wales’ image has been […]
William, Duke of Cambridge, told the BBC that society needs “the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet,” and not focused on “trying to find the next place to go and live.” His comments come as world leaders and scientists continue to grapple with the climate change emergency and as […]