Baby, It’s Climate Change Outside? WashPost Repeats Claim Global Warming Causing Alaska Snowstorms
The climate fanatics at The Washington Post treated an old oxymoronic article claiming that man-made global warming causing more Alaska blizzards as front-page news. The Post took its Dec. 16, 2023, eco-propaganda headlined, “As Alaska’s climate gets wetter, snowstorms put the homeless in peril,” and plastered it onto the front page of the Jan. 8 […]
More Snow? Less Snow? No Snow? Climate Change Does It All According to NYT
Did it snow a lot in your neck of the woods? Are you seeing less snow this year? You may never see snow again, we predict. Climate change means that too. In the space of two weeks, the New York Times has stories that say climate change will end snow forever, reduce the amount of […]
What does a Jordan Peterson conference say about the future of climate change? Apparently we’re headed towards ‘human flourishing’ | Graham Readfearn | The Guardian
Rightwing figures from around the world descended on London last week for the inaugural conference of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) – a sort of quasi-thinktank fronted by the controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson. Peterson pleaded with the audience at London’s O2 Arena to “tilt the world towards heaven and away from hell”, which, […]
How Climate Change Is Changing Therapy - The New York Times
Now lots of Bryant’s clients wanted to talk about climate change. They wanted to talk about how strange and disorienting and scary this new reality felt, about what the future might be like and how they might face it, about how to deal with all the strong feelings — helplessness, rage, depression, guilt — being […]
Top Climate Scientist Reveals the Key Fact He Deliberately OMITTED In “Climate Change” Paper to Pacify Woke Editors and Get His Paper Published in Top Scientific Journal
Credit: Johns Hopkins University A prominent climate scientist has come forward and admitted his role in deceiving the public on “climate change.” At the same time, he also exposed the inordinate power woke editors at scientific magazines have over the careers of actual scientists. Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and doctor […]
160 people arrested on arson charges for Greek wildfires that the media previously said climate change was to blame
Greek officials arrested 160 people on arson charges for the that ravaged Greece this summer. Previously, the media almost exclusively blamed the Greek wildfires on climate change. Wildfires have scorched Greece this summer. In the past week, at least 21 people – including two children – lost their lives in connection with the wildfires. Fire […]
Top scientist Patrick Brown says he deliberately OMITTED key fact in climate change piece he's just had published in prestigious journal to ensure woke editors ran it - that 80% of wildfires are started by humans | Daily Mail Online
A climate change scientist has claimed the world’s leading academic journals reject papers which don’t ‘support certain narratives’ about the issue and instead favor ‘distorted’ research which hypes up dangers rather than solutions. Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and doctor of earth and climate sciences, said editors at Nature and Science […]
Meet Lukas Walton, the fiercely private heir to the Walmart empire who has donated millions from his fortune to find solutions to environmental problems
Walton Family Foundation Lukas Walton is the grandson of Sam Walton, the American businessman who created the Walmart empire. After his father died in a plane crash in 2015, Lukas reportedly inherited a third of his fortune. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index lists Lukas as the world’s 68th-richest person as of February 2023. Lukas Walton is the […]
In New Mexico, Trying to Capitalize on Natural Beauty as Climate Change Disrupts It - The New York Times
The Hermit’s Peak and Calf Canyon fires started in April, after the U.S. Forest Service conducted what was supposed to have been a controlled burn to thin the dense undergrowth. High winds whipped both fires into a megacomplex that ultimately torched 342,000 acres across three counties, and wasn’t fully controlled until mid-August. Then came the […]
Biden administration awards $75 million to move 3 Native American tribes ‘at risk of being washed away’ due to climate change
During this year’s White House Tribal Nations Summit, President Biden announced that the Department of the Interior would award three Native American tribes $75 million to relocate from coastal areas and move inland to avoid climate-related flooding, the New York Times reported. The Newtok Village and Native Village of Napakiak in Alaska and the Quinault […]